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Avoid The Winter Rut!!!

This is probably the best advice you will ever get in your fitness journey and im giving it on the back of my own experiences of getting lazy in cold, wet, windy and dark morning’s / evening’s.

Let’s all be honest why do we train? To look good with no clothes on?

That is pretty much the most common goal. Simple as that, add in wanting to feel better, perform better, move better as some add ons and we have our goals.

Now we have to ask ourselves.

When the first summer rolls up do you want to be thinking about getting in shape or do you want to be thinking about how to get a tan on those chiselled ab’s you built in winter.

Summer body’s are made in winter. Best advice i was ever given.


Its a cycle so many people including myself have put themselves through. Resulting in our main goals of peak condition only ever been half achieved before stopping and revearsing them. Its a vicious cycle we put ourselves through. Dont do it.

It dosnt have to be that way. My advice is set a main goal, long term goal such as i want to have ripped up abs come april 2016 or i want to bench press 150kg come may 2016 or i want to have an extra 10kg of muscle come summer 2016. These are long term goals that will take the next few months to achieve and without been to cocky you have the best to help you achieve them.

Now to stay motivated and help you achieve that main long term goal, over the next 4 weeks (we dont close til 3pm xmas eve) set small realistic goals, such as i want to lose between 4-8lbs over the next 4 weeks, i want to cut this, thats and this from diet to see how much difference it makes, i want to bench press x… i want to gain x amount of muscle / strength. Use get were im going!!!

Remember im always here to help with that but i cant help if your not here…

Lastly – Consider the two choices.

Let’s be honest in winter there are 2 things people are going to do.

  1. THE 🙁 – Go home eat and watch TV or play games. ? Eat, go then to work.
    (Results in weigh gain and feeling shit & having to start all over again)
  2. THE 🙂 – Go to the gym, go home then eat and watch tv and play games. / Eat, go to the gym then to work. (Results in short term goals being smashed and a step closer to long term goals being achieved)

This is your mindset decision, are you going to be positive and happy or feel like crap?

A good training session takes maximum of an hour, it is one hour in a minimum 15 hour day when you do something for yourself to make the day and the next day easier, within a few weeks it turns into the thing you look forward most in the day. Training in the morning is going to wake you up better then anything else, and training at night is going to give you a deep restful sleep.

Either way do it for yourself!

You will have a much better xmas if you do trust me you’ll eating crap for a week or so and we’ll burn that off in early January and get you back to were you were and then its simply about forwarding to the goal and when summer comes you will be the one who looks the best.