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FITT Success Stories


Noel Marks is one of our longest members he started training with us in October 2014. His start weight was 17st 7 he cut his weight to 13st 11 and was down a total of 24 inchs from his hips, waist, abdomen and chest in just under 2 years. 10 inches alone from his waist.

He trains in our strength and conditioning class & met con classes.

The key to noel’s success has been consistency and patience.

He rarely misses training and has set realistic goals weekly, monthly, yearly and achieved them in his time at his pace.

I remember noel’s first session when he took a break towards the end of the session, simply saying to me that he didn’t want to do to much too soon, it’s advice I give to everyone now before their first session “take it at your pace, progress slowly”.

From then he has just went from strength to strength getting fitter and stronger every session.

Another reason for noels continued success has been changes he’s made to his diet habits over the past few years, again been consistent and slowly making changes to his diet and lifestyle. He also shows if you can have discipline and do the right things 80/90% of the time you can be flexible with the diet the rest of the time. He enjoys a drink the weekend and eats out with family and friends from time to time without it ruining his progress.

The transformation pictures are from this time last year and best thing is he’s kept going and progressed he’s in even better shape than he was at the end of 2016 plus he’s stronger and faster than ever.

Well done Noel.

screenshot_20171020-043851 Wow what a transformation from our good friend Ciara Dunne.
Pictures say it all really. Ciara is one of the hardest working members in FITT Conditioning. She trains in a mixture of our strength and conditioning and Met Con Classes. Ciara keeps it simple, hard training and clean eating. Unbelievable results, just look at those abs. Well done ciara

Prepare to be inspired and motivated by a remarkable man with a remarkable story. Michael Anthony Kieran has achieved unbelievable results over the last 10 weeks. I have had some amazing clients come through the door over the past 5 years. All with similar goals and different obstacles to over come to achieve those. But for me Anthony Kieran who is 66 years young has been the most inspiring client ive worked with yet. He lost his hearing at the age of 2 due to being ill with meningitis which doesnt stand in his way in anything in life. He came with a goal to cut weight, improve his fitness levels and to look and feel better in preparation for representing Deaf Bowling Ireland in the International Deaf Lawn Bowling championship in belfast starting this weekend. He has followed our 10 step nutrition plan by every single word something i cant even do and i wrote it. Over 10 weeks didnt miss 1 session and wasnt late for a single session, if it was raining wet gear on, if it was sunny shorts on ready to train. His training program involved 2 sessions per week, he would have done 7, we kept a close watch on heart rate through out session and most of the time it was me telling him to slow down rather than him slowing down. When we put the pics together we both punched the air. Great moment. What was the excuse you used again? I bought my new suit yesterday and it fitted me just in time before my depart on Friday. Well done Anthony, What a man!

Shane is a regular in the evening strength & conditioning group class here at Fitt Conditioning Finglas. He came to us in the summer of 2015, he had trained in many open gyms over the previous years without achieving the results he wanted. Shane's goal was to build lean muscle and to improve strength. We first set about improving the quality of Shane's eating habits, introducing more real food, when we got this correct we then started to gradually increase his calories on a weekly basis to help him gain lean muscle not body fat. In week 12 we designed a strength specific plan for shane, that involved more compound movements, with higher sets and lower reps. Great results from a great man. Well done Bud!

2016-07-27 15.11.18

Kirstie started her 8 week challenge at the start of January 2015 with her goal to look her very best for her 21st birthday party. Kirstie is one of our first clients to use our unique 10 step nutrition plan and has set a very high standard with her nutrition. In addition to working with our 10 step nutrition plan coaches, Kirstie attend three group classes per week. Kirstie’s results were amazing losing a total of 9 pounds & 13 inches in total. More improvements to follow from this girl she is a champion.

2016-02-03 22.34.13 (1)

Stephen came to us in January 2015 with the hope of reducing body fat, building muscle, increasing strength and improving his sports performance. Stephen is 36 and has played soccer at a high level and standard his entire life, including representing Ireland at amateur level. He had suffered with injuries the past few season and we worked on a injury prevention program & thankfully Stephen has been injury free since and he will play in his 20th season of senior football this season. As you can see from his pictures he has achieved his other goals also. One word…Legend!


Shauna came to us in the summer of 2014 approximately 16 weeks before her summer holiday to ibiza. Her goal was quite simply to look her very best for her holidays. Her results in this time frame were amazing, she lost a total of 13 pounds & 12 inches from her waist, hips, thighs and arms. There were many ups and downs throughout this journey, but in the end hard work won with the help off eating clean healthy food and shauna’s amazing work ethic, attending at times 5 session In a single week. Shauna also became a massive part of our community and helped in organising our biggest group event to date when we took on and conquered hell and back. Well done Shauna!

“I really loved my time training in Fitt Conditioning Finglas, Fred always made time to answer my questions and give me advice and motivation on my diet and training. I’d recommend the 8 week challenge to anyone looking to lose weight or just trying to get fit and active. Once you make the committment you’ll get the results”

2016-07-27 15.13.34

Ciaran is another typical hard gainer with a fast metabolism. We added calories steady to his diet using all good foods from our 10 step nutrition plan and he’s trained hard within a hypertrophy program (muscle building) training between 6-12 reps. Super results which he worked hard for, big increase in strength, absolute machine and top man.

2016-07-27 15.12.16

Adele started her 8 week challenge in March 2014. Her goal was to burn off some unwanted body fat and to increase her fitness levels. She worked tirelessly towards this goal training 3 times a week in our ladies only body sculpture class and she followed a clean healthy eating diet plan, her results were amazing she lost a total of 3.5 inchs from her waist from week 1 – week 4 & a futher 1.5 inch from week 4 – 8. Amazing.

“I really enjoyed my 8 week challenge in Fitt Conditioning Finglas, Our trainier Fred really creates a fun and enjoyable environment in all classes, We have done everything from light weights, kettle bells, circuits, TRX, step, spinning & plenty more which keeps classes fresh and interesting, since completing my 8 week challenge I have stayed on and continue training in Fitt Conditioning Finglas attending the fitt body sculpture and fitt fat blast classes, I couldn’t recommend it enough”

2016-02-16 13.14.04

Tony started his training with us in February 2014. Tony is a typical hard gainer with a fast metabolism who had struggled to gain weight and build muscle. He trained hard 4 times a week and we gradually add approximately 200 calories per week to his diet to help him gain lean muscle mass. As you can see his results over a 18 week period were fantastic he gained 19 pounds, 3 inchs on his chest, 3.5 inchs on thighs & 2 inchs on arms.

“Before starting training in FITT Conditioning Finglas I had tried many different gyms but I always struggled to motivate myself to stick to a program. This was never the case in FITT Conditioning Finglas sessions were always challenging and enjoyable”

2016-07-27 15.14.00

Sinead is one of the many success stories from our very popular, ladies only Body Sculpture & Fat Blast classes. A busy schedule only allowed Sinead to train twice each week. With good nutrition and a more active lifestyle sinead reached her goals. Great example that you don’t have to spend hours and hours in the gym to get fantastic results. Well done Sinead!


Maria was one of our very first clients back in January 2014. Her results after just 7 weeks really set the standard for our work in Fitt Conditioning Finglas. It showed that if you put the committment in and stuck to your diet plan that results would be achieved. Her results were fantastic toning up every part of her body and building lean healthy muscle in the process. Brilliant work.

“Its simple classes are great, diet plans are easy to follow, I started to see the results after just 4 weeks, couldn’t recommend the 8 week challenge enough”

  • Pat Conroy

  • Programe: 8 Week Challenge + Box Fitt

  • Tanya Burnett

  • Programe: Body Sculpture Ladies Only

  • Adrienne 'Supernanny' Cahill

  • Programe: 8 Week Challenge

Adrienne or Ao as we all know her now is another one of my champions from the ladies only body sculpture class. Ado is an incredibly driven individual who works her ass off in every class. She is living proof age is only a number. “"over the moon today had my first 8 week assessment and im delighted to say i achieved my goals. Big thanks to Paul and everyone at Fitt Conditioning i couldn’t have done it without use motivating me. Super nanny proud of my achievement"”

  • Charlotte Gannon

  • Programe: 8 Week Challenge

Charlotte has achieved fantastic results since been with us. She has worked on our 10 step nutrition plan and is one of the hardest working clients ive ever trained. She has now progressed to our strength & conditioning program. More to come from this lady she is a machine. Well done Charlotte!

  • Paddy O'Brien

  • Programe: 8 Week Challenge

Paddy started training with us in May 2014. He took part in a 4 week 1-on-1 training program. His results were excellent losing 10 pounds in total and 14 inches overall from his chest, arms, waist, abdomen and thighs. He obtained these results simply with hard work and commitment in all session’s and of course setting himself a strict goal with his diet and sticking to it.

“I was delighted with my results over the 4 week period, we set goals at the start of my program and I was delighted to exceed them. I have since taking part in two 8 week challenge programs and I have to say as tough as the classes can be, I really enjoy each and every class”

  • Gavin Caldwell

  • Programe: 8 Week Challenge

Gavin came to us in March 2014. His goal was similar to alot of mens to burn off some unwanted body fat and to build lean muscle. We gave him a very specific high protein meal plan to help him achieve this. As you can see from the pictures his results were super and he achieved his goal in just 8 weeks training.

“I trained 5 days each week in the Fitt Strength & Conditioning class. Session’s were intense but always enjoyable. The diet plan really helped push me to another level”


  • James Mc Carthy

  • Dublin Senior Footballer

Having tried the services of Fitt Online Conditioning i believe Athletes can maximise their potential with the help of their customized programs.