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Fitt Conditioning Finglas is a fully equipped gym and fitness studio based in finglas village.
Fitt Conditioning was founded in 2013 by Paul Hennessy. Paul has a EQF level 4 qualification in exercise, health studies and personal training and a FETEC level 5 nutrition qualification. With over 10 years experience in sports coaching and the fitness industry, Paul opened the Fitt Conditioning Finglas fitness studio as a means of giving his clients the facility they needed and the motivation to achieve their fitness goals and then maintain them.
Paul and the rest of the team at Fitt Conditioning Finglas is 100% dedicated to helping all clients achieve their health and fitness goals. If thats losing weight, gaining muscle or just burning off that last bit of stubborn fat from the abs, hips or thighs. Our fitness programs and nutrition plans can help and are suitable for all fitness levels with separate beginners, intermediate and advanced programs.
Services provided at the FITT Conditioning Finglas fitness studio include 1-on-1 personal training, a wide range and variety in small group personal training classes, 8 Week challenge transformation program, 10 step nutrition and education plan & a youth specific athlete performance training
Fitt Conditioning also provides a unique online strength and conditioning and online personal training service.
All online programs can be adapted and performed at home, work or on the go and great option for anyone who cant make it to train with us in Fitt Conditioning Finglas.
So no matter how fit or unfit you are, no matter whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced trainer, no matter how little or how much time you have, we can design a fitness program and plan to help you achieve your fitness goals!