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Fat Burning & Muscle Building

To get the best results in the gym we must put 100% effort into all gym session plus control what happens in the kitchen, no doubt about it.

What most of us forget (me included in this) is the importance of getting good quality sleep and de stressing. The January madness has my stress levels higher than I’d like but I’ve made big improvements in my sleep this year and i really can feel the benefits in my training.

Before talking sleep and stress levels and how to deal with stress. We must understand the cortisol hormone.


Cortisol is the stress hormones you released as a result of exercise, diet, family, emotions, work, etc.

Stores in the lower ab region – so all areas of stress must be dialed in to remove that last bit of fat.

Diet and lack of sleep will have the biggest impact.

High cortisol (stress) will effect all other hormone levels – which will effect fat burning, muscle gain & any other health & fitness goal you may have. Get on top of it!

Sleep – we all do it, but nearly half of us don’t do it well. And whether you sleep well or not, it is essential to our health and well-being. Without it we’re not much good at doing anything else!

Sleep is definitely the most overlooked element in people’s fitness programs.

Good sleep is essential to us all, especially if you want to be a high performing individual. No matter the goal muscle gain, fat burning, improved fitness level etc. sleep is vital.

If you go to bed even a bit late or have a dodgy nights sleep you wont be on your game simple as.

Best sleep window 10.30pm – 7.30am (all year round)

Aim for 7 – 9 hours

Lose the technology when in bed i.e. phone, laptop etc.

As much as possible try wake up the next day naturally when the body wants to get up and go. Start with 1 day a week and build on this (sunday mornings). STRESS – WE MUST TRY DEAL WITH IT FROM ALL ANGLES!
Tips for dealing with stress.

Sleep – 10.30pm for 7-9 hours.

The “fuck it” mentality is definitely best. Stop stressing about the small things in life.

Get away from work & life when you can. Take rest days from gym.