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Part 3 – Fat Burning & Muscle Building

Muscle Building ***Not just for the males…ladies remember muscle feeds on fat the more healthy muscle we build the less body fat we will have***

Building muscle

The king of all muscle building hormones is testosterone (the principal male hormone responsible for building muscle size and strength) promotes the growth of many bodily tissues and is essential for health and well-being. Also produced by women (though 7-8 times less than it is for males), this is why lifting weight a few times a week will not make females look bulky it is extremely difficult for females to build any muscle mass let alone to much muscle.

Testosterone is one hormone that must be kept elevated in as high a quantity as possible to ensure constant results.

Because testosterone is essential for increasing protein synthesis to build more muscle at a faster rate, and, considering its influence on keeping growth hormone levels sufficiently high to burn body fat, its depletion will significantly curtail our chances of gaining lean muscle mass and of course burning body fat.

Rather than turning to potentially harmful synthetically-derived anabolic steroids, testosterone may be boosted by –

Sleep, then sleep some more – it’s powerful stuff.

Remove as much stress from your life, diet, friends, family, work, electrical, chemical.

Weight train compound and heavy i.e Squats, deadlift, lunges, bench press, shoulder press, back row etc.

Squat five sets of your body weight or more before any other training to spike Growth Hormones. Squats don’t just build muscle on your quads it’s the exercise that will use the most muscles in the body. The whole body works and benefits when you squat heavy.

Drink lots of clean water

Don’t cook in plastic.

Don’t use too many chemical skin products.

Make your diet moderate to high in healthy fats.

Only when the above are all in check should you think about supplements. You’re coach should guide you in terms of these supplements.