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Smart Eating

Let’s start with fad diets and how they can cause trouble, we’ve all been there you start the latest fad diet that you seen in a magazine or online in order to lose body fat. You restrict calories drastically, and find you’ve lost weight. Some of that was fat, some was muscle, and – if you’ve been restricting carbohydrates – a lot of it was water.
So have you succeeded? Of course not. It’s great that you’ve lost the fat. But the muscle loss will make you get fatter again faster. Losing muscle isn’t good, and your metabolic rate (the rate at which you burn calories at rest) naturally slow down to compensate. So when you stop dieting you will gain weight faster. Your metabolism won’t speed up again unless you get your muscle back; but, once muscle has gone, it takes a while to build up again.
If you repeat this cycle over and over, you’ll progressively lose more muscle and slow down your metabolism still more, predisposing yourself to become one of those people who say they can’t look at a carrot without putting on ten pounds. There is some truth in this.
Overweight people who pile on the pounds although they don’t eat a lot are victims of this decreased muscle and slow metabolism cycle. It’s called rebound weight gain.


The only way to achieve the results you want and keep them long term is to eat clean healthy food and exercise regularly!!!

Okay here is some basic nutrition tips –

Eat protein  at  every  meal  and  snack.

Vegetables  or  fruit  at  every  meal.

Include  healthy  fats  where  possible.

Eat  starch  where  it  is  needed,  not  ad  lib, according  to  personal  requirements and  body  type.

Aim to eat more natural one ingredient foods and cut back on processed foods!!!
Processed foods i.e. Dairy | Soft Drinks | Fruit Juices | Grains | Fatty Meats | Salty Foods | Sweets.
Natural foods i.e. Meats| Vegetables |Oils+Fats | Nuts |Fruits.