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The Weighing Scales Is Not A Liar

If your goal is to lose weight, gain weight or gain strength, these 3 in particular, you must keep reading and take this advice on board and change your mindset towards the weighing scales.
There is a lot of shit been advised by other trainers and people on social media about how the scales is a liar and don’t weigh yourself. It is the easiest thing for trainers to say.
I’m sorry but the scales isn’t a liar, it’s not conspiring against you, it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Tell you exactly how much you weigh at that exact moment.
The problem is, you must realise that there are many things that can cause the number on the scales to fluctuate. Remember everything in the body weighs something, fat will only make up a small % of the figure on the scales. This is why gathering as much data as we can is vital. Measurements, body fat %, pictures, old clothes, logging lifts for those in the strength gain category. This is the Fitt Conditioning 8 week assessment.
In between the 8 week assessments it’s ok to weigh yourself. I would recommend you doing this but be very very consistent with it. If you choose to do it weekly – make sure its the same day, time, scales, clothes (as little as possible) & routine each week. The most accurate reading would be to do it using all the above, 3 times per week. Write it down each time and take the average each week and aim for 1 pound on or off each week depending on your goal.
This isn’t obsession over the scales..This is educating yourself and understanding how your body works and that the scales on one day can’t define your progress over the last week or weeks
The best indicator will always be in the clothes you wear day in day out but that doesn’t mean we don’t use the scales to help us.
Summary (blunt part)
If your goal is weight loss, weight gain, strength gain (if you don’t know your weight how do you know how strong you are), not weighing yourself is F**king stupid.
Mentally the scales shouldn’t put you down in fact nothing should. Be strong stick your chest out and step on the fucking thing.
As always any advice needed just ask